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as of 10/01/2017

Scoring is valued on a tiered system: 3 points are given to entries that required entering a player, 2 points to entries that have an over/under and tracked by baseball statistics and 1 point to a pick that was deemed a "fun pick" and will be manually calculated by Spiegel (or crowd sourced). The values are shown below
Bet Result Points
Who will lead the Cubs in home runs this year? Anthony Rizzo 3
Who will have a higher OPS: Kris Bryant OR Anthony Rizzo? Kris Bryant 2
Who will lead Cubs in stolen bases? Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo 3
Who will lead the Cubs in ERA this year? Jake Arrieta 3
Who will lead the Cubs in quality starts? Jon Lester 3
5.5 Cubs All-Star players Under 2
130.5 Lineups used by Joe Maddon this year? Over 2
30.5 Cubs pitcher hitting 9th Over 2
39.1 Kyle Schwarber innings catched Under 2
34.5 Kyle Schwarber homeruns Under 2
13.5 Jason Heyward home runs Under 2
14.5 Jason Heyward games used as a defensive replacement Under 2
35.5 Wade Davis saves Under 2
Who will have more inning at 2B: Ben Zobrist OR Javier Baez? Ben Zobrist 2
15 7th inning stretch singers who make at least 1 lyrical mistake Over 1
Top White Sox starter and top White Sox reliever strike outs will be over or under Chris Sale total strikeouts Under 2
Will any White Sox player with at least 300 plate apperances have a higher OBP than Adam Eaton? No 2
2.5 Total trades made by Rick Hahn between opening day and Aug 1st Over 2
Will Yoan Moncada come up before the All Star break? No 2
15.5 Total different pitchers that will appear out of the bullpen? Over 2
4.5 Total number of games in which Steve Stone ends up broadcasting at least 1 inning alone Under 1
45 seconds for longest stretch of silence by Hawk at the conclusion of a game Under 1
Who will lead the White Sox in HR count? Jose Abreu 3
Who will lead the White Sox in quality starts? Miguel Gonzalez 3
Who will lead the White Sox in hits? Jose Abreu 3